Affordable Housing / Tax Credit

Miami Students Focus on Affordable Housing

Dilip Barot, entrepreneur and Founder Creative Choice Group, praises University of Miami for focus on affordable housing. Business leaders have a civic responsibility to give back to the communities they serve.  And while for most it provides a sense of pride, in reality, many businesses take advantage of a need and capitalize on the opportunity.  There is no shame in doing so. It is a win/win situation as businesses and residents prosper from the efforts to provide affordable housing, (more…)
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Tech Trends for Affordable Housing

This month I am focusing on commercial real estate technology trends.  An area that I specialize in at Creative Choice Group is providing affordable housing options to residents both in Florida and around other parts of the US.  Affordable housing is an important driver to our economic stability and a key element in providing an employable workforce for local businesses across a variety of segments.  (more…)
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Consumers Rank Top 3 Wants When Selecting a Home

Selecting a home is a big decision. Whether finding the perfect rental or your dream house, the selection process involves a number of complex choices far beyond price. A recent report conducted by Builder Homesite reveals consumer home-shopper behavior across the country. After the nationwide study, the report identifies the top three considerations shared by consumers when selecting a home. (more…)
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