Senior Low Income Housing Scams and Lawsuits

Dilip Barot, founder of Creative Choice Homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, shares cyber scams and lawsuits impacting seniors looking for low income housing in Florida. According to a news report by NBC Miami last month, hundreds of senior citizens lined up in hopes of scoring access to low incoming housing through the Catholic Archdiocese. The property, available for senior citizens 62 years or older, had only a handful of units available that will be issued via a lottery.  This was especially disappointing to those that camped out overnight in their cars and waited patiently in line f...
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Employees Pose the Largest Cyber Security Risk for Businesses

Dilip Barot, founder of Creative Choice Group, talks technology for small businesses and key risks from lawsuits and security breaches. We have all heard the horror stories of computer hacking and cyber-crime. Online hacking and computer breaches continue to hit large retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot; tech companies like Apple, and even financial giants like J.P. Morgan Stanley.  In the breach at Target three years ago, it is estimated that personal information for over 110M customers was leaked at large. Based on the current trends it would seem that nobody is safe from cyber...
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Leading through Change: Weekly words from Dilip Barot: Dealing with lawsuits, layoffs, and mergers

If there is one thing I know, it is that nothing stays the same. Change is all around us.  Change is even more evident at the corporate level.  From small businesses like Creative Choice Homes and Creative Choice Group to large enterprise firms like Microsoft or Google, most businesses have been forced to manage through uncertain and unfavorable economic times. When this occurs, it often triggers a number of events that cause business leaders and business owners to make difficult decisions.  From organizational changes, to layoffs, to lawsuits and mergers & acquisitions – often there is...
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