10 Easy Ways To Incorporate Movement Into Your Daily Routine

Movement is an integral aspect of wellness. Fortunately, you don’t have to set aside a large time block or carry around extra equipment to get this to-do checked off the list. Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

1. Park at a Distance

Stop driving in circles around the parking lot looking for the closest parking space. Instead, save your gas and increase your step count by driving directly to the back of the lot and briskly walk to your destination. Even with the increased distance, you’ll likely still get to your endpoint sooner since you won’t be wasting extra time looking for perfect parking. Bonus: There are often fewer vehicles farther out, so there is less of a chance of your doors getting dinged by a car squeezed in right next to you. Read More…

Top 10 Leadership Qualities That Matter Most to Millennials

Vast changes have taken place in the work environment, and more than a few of them have to do with the new breed of employees: millennials. Just as effective leaders have to change up their leadership styles to stay ahead of the game, they also have to exemplify specific qualities to attract and retain younger employees who have different needs and expectations than older generations. Brush up on 10 qualities in particular that have the most impact on millennials.

1) Open and Honest Communication
While employees of any age like open and honest communication, it’s especially important to let millennials employees know how they are performing in the workplace. Not only that, but younger employees are now more aware than ever of the multitude of options they have in the industry, making it imperative that leaders be as transparent as possible with them to make sure they stick around. Read More…

Sun Angels – The Ultimate Luxury Beach Experience

Have you ever had the experience of enjoying a relaxing sleep on the beach, only to be woken up by the harsh sun, or staying in the sun for too long without adequate skin care, only to discover a sunburn and other unpleasant outcomes later? Well, for your next beach holiday, enjoy a different kind of experience with the help of the sun angels at Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences. The sun angels offer an unparalleled experience in thoughtful care and beach luxury, focusing on all aspects of your comfort, needs, and physical and mental wellness. As you relax and have fun on the beach, the team of Amrit sun angels attends to your surroundings, skin care, and dietary essentials in the following ways: Read More…

How Mentors Help and How to Find One

Professionally, mentors are uniquely responsible for your overall trajectory, as they frequently come from the same or a similar field and give you access to wisdom only resulting from years of experience. However, finding the perfect mentor is as difficult as pinpoint exactly what your want from your professional life. In fact, deciding when to pursue a mentor is similarly challenging, because until you’re ready, it’s hard to see how they’ll push you to new professional and personal heights or understand who will act as effective leaders and coaches in your life. Read More…

What Does Personalized Wellness Look Like?

Health and wellness are far from general terms when it comes to our residents. At Amrit, we believe personalized wellness means taking the five pillars of (sleep, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and relaxation) and an array of healthy practices, creating a plan specifically that integrates all elements based on your needs and wants.

The Pillars:

Sleep is a great place to begin personalization. You may have no problems with getting — and falling — to sleep at a consistent time each night and staying that way for a full night of quality rest. However, studies show that nearly 16 million Americans have difficulty with their sleep cycles, and if you fall into this category, you probably realize there is no single quick fix. Instead, attention should be given to your personal needs and preferences to ensure you are better rested. This may include pillow firmness, sleep position, preferred music, and even scents used in a custom designed sleeping space. Read More…