Best Countries for Foreign Investment

Ever wondered how you find out the next hot place to invest?  How does one know if you should look for opportunities in Asia, Europe, Africa or the United States?  First, you can always ask professional investment firms with experience like Creative Choice Group.  But absent of having access to investment experts, there are financial metrics that help guide investors around the globe.  FDI or Foreign Direct Investment is one key metric that tracks the level of investment growth by country. The World Bank defines Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the following way: (more…)
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Business Leaders (like you and me) key to Global Economy

As a new business idea comes to fruition, entrepreneurs and owners logically think first about their local market opportunity. When the business starts to grow, you may expand  to another state or bordering country.  It typically takes a lot for a business owner to think about expansion across multiple countries or continents because quite frankly, it is big and scary.  However, with the advent of digital technology, we have opened  the door to an almost “real-time” global footprint. That’s right; anyone at any time can expand their market potential and capitalize on the global economy. (m...
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