Business Leaders (like you and me) key to Global Economy

Dilip Barot at Global India Business Council Event in conjunction with Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

Dilip Barot at Global India Business Council Event in conjunction with Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

As a new business idea comes to fruition, entrepreneurs and owners logically think first about their local market opportunity. When the business starts to grow, you may expand  to another state or bordering country.  It typically takes a lot for a business owner to think about expansion across multiple countries or continents because quite frankly, it is big and scary.  However, with the advent of digital technology, we have opened  the door to an almost “real-time” global footprint. That’s right; anyone at any time can expand their market potential and capitalize on the global economy.

But as you know, talk is cheap.  We can listen to lectures and economists talk about the global market. In this case, actions speak louder than words. It is my opinion that it takes visionary leaders to help connect the dotsand champion this type of Cultural Revolution for growing businesses.

A perfect example of this type of business expansion and global opportunity was demonstrated at the 7th annual Vibrant Gujurat Summit.  The summit held Jan 11th-Jan 13th, 2015 was hosted in Gujurat, India and included  representatives from over 100 countries.   While the number of attendees was impressive, what I found mostfascinating was the number of influential dignitaries speaking at the session.  From government leaders to executives in the boardroom, the summit agenda helped share one common vision… global business.

The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi reinforced the focus of the Indian government which includes:Innovation, Sustainability, Youth & Skill Development, Knowledge Sharing and Networking.   Mr. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, highlighted that Mr. Modi has made it clear that Gujurat represented possibilities, change and economic opportunity.  Dozens of influential and diverse leaders spoke about the opportunity to expand business relationships, partnerships and how collectively we can help shape Gujurat into a global business hub.

Beyond general opportunities, there were specific discussions and workshops to explore market potential in a broad range of industries and segments ranging from the HealthCare to renewable energy, to manufacturing and tourism. Clearly the door is open to promote business and drive economic success for both India and business leaders right here in the US.

As an executive and founder of several global organizations including Creative Choice Group and Etech Global Services, I am a living example of how you can start small but think big.  My business approach and expansion model evolved over time.  I learned how to leveraged both governmental assistance needed to expand   right here in the US as well as India. I also capitalized on hiring the right people around me to help build a customer centric business.  I have teams in Texas, Florida and India.  We have grown from a very small business to a formidable organization with talented resources across the world.  The global economy does not have to be a dream.  It starts with you and I. Make it your reality this year.  2015 is the year  for global success.