Top 10 Leadership Qualities That Matter Most to Millennials

Vast changes have taken place in the work environment, and more than a few of them have to do with the new breed of employees: millennials. Just as effective leaders have to change up their leadership styles to stay ahead of the game, they also have to exemplify specific qualities to attract and retain younger employees who have different needs and expectations than older generations. Brush up on 10 qualities in particular that have the most impact on millennials. 1) Open and Honest Communication While employees of any age like open and honest communication, it’s especially important to le...
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How Mentors Help and How to Find One

Professionally, mentors are uniquely responsible for your overall trajectory, as they frequently come from the same or a similar field and give you access to wisdom only resulting from years of experience. However, finding the perfect mentor is as difficult as pinpoint exactly what your want from your professional life. In fact, deciding when to pursue a mentor is similarly challenging, because until you’re ready, it’s hard to see how they’ll push you to new professional and personal heights or understand who will act as effective leaders and coaches in your life. (more…)
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Tips to Manage Successful Vendor Relationships

Successful vendor relationships are essential for the growth of your organization. The ways you regard and behave towards each other, with either strengthen or weaken your business operations. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the organization and vendor to create and manage good working relations. Other reasons that should encourage you to foster healthy relationships are cost efficiency, market development, and quality development. A good vendor will always work to ensure that their products or services meet your organizational needs, and if the current ones do not, they will cust...
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Moving Beyond Transactional Leadership: How to Be Transformative

To really engage and inspire your team, you need to do more than simply react to circumstances as they arise. You must be willing to transcend the position-oriented, rewards-based compliance that is often tied up with transactional leadership and towards a values-based style of leadership. The question is, where do you start, and how should you proceed? First, Narrow Down Your Vision The key to implementing a transformative leadership culture is to begin with a vision instead of a number. What do you envision for your company? Think in terms of values rather than sales or other quantifia...
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