Top 10 Leadership Qualities That Matter Most to Millennials

Vast changes have taken place in the work environment, and more than a few of them have to do with the new breed of employees: millennials. Just as effective leaders have to change up their leadership styles to stay ahead of the game, they also have to exemplify specific qualities to attract and retain younger employees who have different needs and expectations than older generations. Brush up on 10 qualities in particular that have the most impact on millennials.

1) Open and Honest Communication
While employees of any age like open and honest communication, it’s especially important to let millennials employees know how they are performing in the workplace. Not only that, but younger employees are now more aware than ever of the multitude of options they have in the industry, making it imperative that leaders be as transparent as possible with them to make sure they stick around.

2) Recognition
Employee contribution recognition is one of the most important leadership qualities when it comes to working with millennials. Leaders should be clear on company objectives and goals and let millennial employees know their incentives for achieving those goals.

3) A Sense of Trust
Younger employees are often slow to trust, and that’s especially true of individuals in positions of authority. Leaders, managers and supervisors should always be 100 percent honest with millennials to put them at ease and bring out their best.

4) Showing Respect
While they may only have entry-level jobs, millennial team members should be treated with respect.

5) Turn the Workplace Into a Classroom
Make sure you give younger employees plenty of opportunities to grow in the workplace. Training sessions and mentoring programs are a great way to give employees a sense of pride and excitement.

6) Lead by Example
Rather than tell millennials what to do or what the company philosophy is, leaders should exemplify the qualities they expect to see and embody the company philosophy.

7) Give Them a Reason to Confide in Their Leaders
You can’t simply expect millennials to respect and have confidence in their managers and supervisors simply because they are in a position of power. It’s more effective for leaders to show they are willing to be the best leader possible by attending trade shows, learning about effective leadership qualities and completing skills training.

8) Invest in Their Personal Lives
Like everyone else, millennials have lives outside of work, lives leaders should be interested in. When you do take an interest in the lives of younger employees, make sure you only do so in the parts that are relevant to work and work performance.

9) Use the Same Tech the Same Way
Millennials are seemingly attached to their phones. Leaders should use this to their advantage and make it possible for employees to complete work on the go.

10) Open to New Work Methods
Millennials might also enjoy having the option of telecommuting and working in a space of their choosing. Leaders who understand the allure and benefits of freelancing and working from home are leaders younger employees are likely to want to work with.

Leaders should change up their work-styles to attract and keep millennial employees. Doing so not only makes them better leaders, but more aware leaders and individuals as well.

Source: Etech Global Services