Moving Beyond Transactional Leadership: How to Be Transformative

To really engage and inspire your team, you need to do more than simply react to circumstances as they arise. You must be willing to transcend the position-oriented, rewards-based compliance that is often tied up with transactional leadership and towards a values-based style of leadership. The question is, where do you start, and how should you proceed? First, Narrow Down Your Vision The key to implementing a transformative leadership culture is to begin with a vision instead of a number. What do you envision for your company? Think in terms of values rather than sales or other quantifia...
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5 Reasons Why Oceanfront Condos Offer Serene Living

5 Reasons Why Oceanfrnt Condos Offer Serene Living
At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun. – Sandy Gingras Across the nation, people are putting in long hours, day dreaming of their next vacation when they can get themselves to a body of water for a week or two and immerse into the tranquility of being near the ocean. Dipping your toes into the surf, feeling the sun touch down on a cheek, making the most of every moment while it lasts … until the retreat comes to its end. But why must it come to an end? Palm Beach oceanfront condos...
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Transforming Customer Care with Four C’s

Many components must be carefully orchestrated for business success, none of which is more critical than Customer Service. Customer care has evolved over the last couple of years primarily due to digital advancements. To set yourself apart, you need to incorporate the 4C’s, which stand for customer experience, conversation, content, and collaboration. Look at them as pillars that hold your client service together. Working on these components in unison and actively managing them will transform your business. Let us examine these four elements and the ways you can use them as a competitive ad...
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6 Things to do in Singer Island, FL

Amrit Ocean Singer Island florida
Located in the city of Riviera Beach is Singer Island, a picturesque oceanfront neighborhood off the coast of Florida. Though any beach destination is a destination worth visiting, Singer Island is one place, in particular, you should add to your bucket list. Why? Because there is no shortage of things to do and see here . Whether you consider yourself an eco-adventurer and prefer scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling or you’re more of the upscale city-slicker type, you’re guaranteed to find more than a few activities to occupy yourself while you’re here. Below are just six. 1) Hit the Beac...
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