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What Is Patanjali Yoga All About?

Patanjali Yoga
Yoga Sutras by Indian sage, Patanjali, are a collection of 196 aphorisms contained in four chapters, which outline techniques for attaining congruity of mind, body, senses, thought and action. The Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga are derived from Sadhana Pada, one of the four chapters of the Patanjali Sutras. Get to know the eight limbs or Ashtanga in Sanskrit, and learn how they can provide a roadmap to your wellness: (more…)
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Thoughtful living is living without distractions so you can focus on what really matters most to you. Many people associate thoughtful living with convenient living, sustainable living and conscious living, and while they wouldn’t be wrong to do so, here at Amrit Palm Beach Luxury Wellness Resort, we believe that thoughtful living is inextricably linked to living in wellness. (more…)
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6 Tips to De-stress

At Creative Choice Group, it is a constant challenge to juggle all the commercial real estate balls in the air. I find it particularly difficult at this time of the year. Between the year-end push to make goals for 2015, the holiday rush and prepping for 2016, it is hard to keep it all balanced and in check. Personally I have a number of teams and business ventures that are all equally important and successful. Each demand a level of support and commitment which I relish. From our Etech Global Services team in Texas, to my smart city endeavor at Infocity, to my hometown team of Creative Choi...
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Water your Body

The last few weeks I have talked about ways to proactively manage and reduce back pain.   We have learned about acupuncture, yoga, vitamins and fruits and vegetables that feed the mind, body and soul.  These are all proven ways to holistically thwart body pain and take control of your life.  But there is one supplement that we have not talked about. Not only is it easily assessable to everyone, but it has wide reaching benefits to enhance overall health and nutrition. What are we talking about?  If you guessed water, then you are right. (more…)
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