Park Terrace Recognized by Tampa Officials

Last week, I addressed some safety basics for both property owners and tenants.  I am pleased to share how the outstanding safety work at one of our local complexes has really paid off.3-12-15 - Park Terrace Recognized by Tampa Officials

Park Terrace Apartment complex, located in Tampa, Florida, was recognized for outstanding community efforts on February 26th, 2015.  The honorable Major Diane Hobley Berney, from the Tampa Police Department, presented Jessica Rendon, the property manager and Michlene Love, the assistant manager, with awards for crime prevention and safety as well as for achieving minimum C.P.T.E.D security requirements during an afternoon reception hosted in the Park Terrace community room.

C.P.T.E.D or Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is an urban program focused on reducing criminal activity and deterring criminal behavior.  The planning design process includes five key characteristics all of which focus on using proper surveillance, control and on-going safety maintenance to protect and serve the community.  The Tampa Police Department reviews these criteria closely for local building owners and property managers.  They determine who has met the requirements and assess recognition as appropriate.

I must say this is a proud day for my team.  In the last six years, crime has significantly declined in this Florida community.  Our local managers have been relentless in their quest to clean-up the area and more importantly, make it safe for our tenants.   We continue to see positive impacts from our efforts, including increased renewals, more tenant referrals and an enhanced working relationship with local law officials.

The special event was a nice way to recognize our team, thank the local officials and celebrate our overall success.  In addition to the Major, we hosted representatives from the Tampa Police Department, the local Fire Marshal, Safelink and key non-profit organizations actively involved with the management team at Park Terrace.

Selecting a place to live is an important decision. Feeling safe is a key factor.  But when you find a place that protects your personal well-being and offers you a sense of community and pride, it is really is place to call home.  Congratulations to our team and thanks again to the Tampa Police Department for taking the time to recognize the good work being done at Park Terrace.