The Wellness Blend

The Wellness Blend

For thousands of years, human beings have focused on wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  In fact, according to, the science of holistic healing dates back at least 5,000 years and was originated in India and China.  The holistic “healers” of the day promoted the idea of healthy living which by their definition meant to be live in harmony with nature. Socrates, the great philosopher, suggested we should take the body as a whole and not part by part.  The goal was and still is, to create a sense of balance for the whole self.

In the last 30 years, the science of holistic medicine has grown in popularity.  Today, even western medical experts recognize the value of a more organic approach to wellness and health.  From herbal remedies, to yoga, to prayer, there are countless examples of people over coming and conquering illness and stress.  However, there are just as many success stories where technology and advanced medicine were responsible for saving lives and significantly improving the quality of one’s life.  It’s hard to imagine having surgery, or a cavity filled or even routine check-ups without the benefit of trained professionals and tools of the trade.

So why are these two wellness approaches viewed as mutually exclusive?  Why can’t ancient science and modern technology exist in tandem or better yet, work together?  It is my opinion that they must coexist and evolve.  Just like the human generation evolves so too must the wellness-concept.  By definition, evolution can’t happen without change.  And change, as we know, is required for us to grow.

As we grow as a generation and practitioners of both ancient and modern science, it is our job to leverage the old and the new to transform and elevate overall mental, physical and spiritual wellness.  A balanced approach to life will allow oneself to experience their full potential and enhance the most moments with happiness and peace.

Just like your morning coffee, it is time to grasp onto the “wellness blend”.  Maintaining an open mind to both ancient sciences and modern technology will lead to faster transformation, heightened personal success and a more balanced approach to life.