Vote for Change

Vote for Change

The economy is slowly recovering and unemployment rates are on the decline. And while the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction there is still much work to be done across the US. And while we can all “hope” things get better, a wise man once said… hope is not a strategy. So what can be done?

The best thing is to get out and vote. Yes, vote! It is important to find the leaders both locally and nationally that support the causes and beliefs most important to you. And while it may seem like a simple concept, many Americans fail to take advantage of one of their most important rights. In fact, in South Florida where I live, less than 70% of residents vote during the general elections.

A report produced by the California Voter Foundation asked why people failed to vote. The number one reason… lack of time. Over 25% just could not squeeze a trip to the polls into their busy schedule, despite multiple voting windows and even absentee ballots that can be mailed in. Not surprising, 93% of infrequent voters agreed that voting is an important part of being a good citizen and 81% of nonvoters agreed it is an important way to voice their opinions on issues that affect their families and communities.

A good example of trying to drive actions into words is the “Plus the Vote” Campaign being championed by Congressman Alcee Hastings. Mr. Hastings is the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 20th congressional district, and is a member of the Democratic Party. Mr. Hastings is an accomplished attorney and former judge who had experience handling a wide range of lawsuits and high profile situations. Congressman Hastings’ legislative priorities include continued efforts to create jobs and provide economic opportunities for middle class and working poor Americans as well as making our country safer and more secure. He is also a champion for small businesses.

As the Founder of Creative Choice Group and a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, I have found his leadership, community contributions and willingness to reach the people second to none. In fact, his goal to increase voter turn-out on November 4th by 3% is aggressive, but specifically targeted to engage the local community as well as stimulate open thought for all residents.

November 4th is right around the corner. Let’s all make a difference in southern Florida and “Plus the Vote”. I look forward to seeing you at the polls.