Vitamins Pack a Punch on Pain!

We have all heard the saying that milk does a body good.  And we also know that a little sunshine makes our disposition and overall mood a little happier.  So what is it about a dose of milk or catching 30 minutes of Florida rays that is so good for your body and soul?  The answer is simple… vitamins.

7-24-15 - Vitamins pack a punch on painYou probably know that vitamin supplements are good for you.  They make your bones stronger, keep your mind alert and focused, enhance vision, improve your complexion and boost your energy. But you may be surprised that some vitamins actually help you fight pain. In fact there are 4 vitamins in particular that can pack an extra punch against back pain.

Experts at Prairie Spine Institute see people like you and me every day that are experiencing lower back pain.  As professionals we put great stress on our backs especially sitting for long periods, slouching, and not getting enough physical activity during our busy work days.  Supplementing your diet with the right vitamins is a great way to nourish your body and prevent back pain from starting to begin with.

Top 4 vitamins to help combat pain:

  1. Vitamin D is needed to create new bone cells and an essential component to help your body absorb calcium.  If you don’t get enough calcium you can experience softening of the bone surfaces which often results in lower back pain.  Several studies have been conducted and demonstrate the value of Vitamin D to back health.   Participants realized significant improvement in their back condition and had fewer back spasms when they took regular doses of Vitamin D.  Quick and easy food sources that contain high amounts of fortified Vitamin D include milk, egg, cheese and some fish.
  2. Vitamin C not only tastes good but it is good for you.  It is known as ascorbic acid and also helps to lower back pain.  Like Vitamin D it helps your body absorb calcium and enhances the body to heal fractured or broken bones.  Our Creative Choice Group in Florida and Etech Global Solutions teams in Texas both has access to some of the best sources of Vitamin C… the sun and fresh fruits.  But you can easily boost your immune system with a Vitamin C tablet. Most are chewable, flavored and inexpensive at any drug store.
  3. Vitamin B Complex is a group of vitamins that also help lower back pain.  Specifically B1, B6, and B12 aid in healing inflamed nerves which is one of the common causes of back pain.  Food sources of vitamin B include proteins such as salmon, beef, chicken and eggs.  Additionally avocado, watermelon, and berries are all fun summer foods and especially concentrated with vitamins.
  4. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant to fight off free radicals.  Free radicals are released into the body when your lower back is inflamed and in pain.  Taking vitamin E can help prevent back pain by increasing your intake of anti-oxidants.   Additionally vitamin E is linked to helping fight terminal diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s.   Greens, nuts and broccoli are easy sources of vitamin E.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that well over 100 million people suffer some form of chronic pain with back pain being especially pervasive.  Taking vitamins to enhance your body and mind makes good sense.  So why not add a few vitamins to your list and pack a punch against pain. It’s time to take control and fortify your body for the next big adventure.