5 Most Important Technologies for Real Estate in 2020

Technology has changed the game when it comes to real estate. Homes are becoming more automated, and modern resources are taking luxury living to a whole new level. This is a trend that is here to stay and is becoming a huge draw for those looking to buy. Here are five of the most important technologies leading the way in real estate in 2020.

1) Security Technology
According to the State of Safety report from SafeWise, property crime is one of the most prominent security concerns for Americans. Homeowners want to know that their home is secure at all times and are reassured when they can access information while gone. High-tech security offers the ability to lock your home from anywhere with the tap of a button as well as motion sensors to detect movement in and around your space. Windows, rooms, lights … all can be set and checked with the use of a smart phone. In addition, security video allows a visual peek to put your mind at ease or to verify a visitor’s identity. At Amrit, we offer cutting edge technology to give you peace of mind both when you are home and away.

2) Community Applications
In today’s digital age, people create community in a much different way than they did just a few decades ago. In the early 2000s, social media and texting began to gain momentum and became a driving force in the way people began interacting. Interactions did not have to be made face to face or even over the phone. Plans could be made with a few lines typed and without even looking up. While technology changed the way people communicated, it did not, by any means, lesson the desire to be part of a community; it simply changed the way it is formed. As individuals look to their smartphones to find others, community building apps are integral in neighborhoods and residential spaces to help find upcoming activities, like-minded groups, and nearby businesses. Amrit’s team understands that online community resources help facilitate real life plans, which is why we offer apps for your mobile devices that can help you connect with your community with ease.

3) Digital Concierge
Having access to a digital concierge has become a huge plus in this modern era. Not only does it offer an array of options that the user may not have considered on their own, but it makes the process more efficient, freeing time to focus on more pressing or preferred matters. A digital concierge can be used to find local recommendations, set reservations for events, assist in purchasing tickets, and make arrangements for services ranging from dry cleaning to personal appointments. A digital concierge can do the research as well as the planning for you and help create the lifestyle that you always imagined.

4) Financial Technology
Financial technology has seen a huge arc of growth when it comes to real estate. It is now used from the first search too long after a purchase has been made. Hard copy applications and paperwork have gone wayside and been replaced with online financial programs that allow potential home buyers to explore options through virtual means. Variables can be added with immediate changes made to numbers so comparisons can be made with ease. Documents that used to have to be sent via courier or traditional mail can now be sent through secure cyber channels, minimizing wait times and increasing efficiency. Once a purchase has been completed, financial tech still has a large part to play. Today’s property owners want to be able to make immediate payments via secure means and financial apps allow monthly payments to be made from anywhere, onetime fees to be paid in seconds, and automatic payments to be set up. In addition, proof of payment is easily stored and organized.

5) Smart Spaces
Having a smart home is a huge draw in today’s real estate market and helps create the living space that best suits the resident with options such as automated lights, music, and creating a preferred ambiance. With a smart space, directions can be given through voice commands or with an app, and set with customized timing. A smart building infrastructure allows residents to implement smart options in their homes. At Amrit, our smart infrastructure will help residents to deploy smart options to maintain a luxury lifestyle as well as offer a focus on optimal health and wellness. For instance, residents will be able to install specialized lighting that can be set up to fit with an individual’s circadian rhythms, dimming as evening arrives and slowly brightening with ambient light in the morning. Residents also have the ability to command changes to climate, appliances, entertainment systems, and much more.

Technology has helped make purchasing real estate a cleaner process and homeowners are loving the simplification it adds to their overall lifestyle. Find out how Amrit integrates technology to enhance their residents’ daily living.