Features That Make Singer Island So Unique

When it comes to communities worth exploring in Florida, there are plenty. From The Villages to Summerlake, and from Waterset to Bartram Park, Florida is one of those states that has more desirable neighborhoods than average or undesirable ones. So, when Florida residents suggest Singer Island as a must-see community, those who aren’t familiar with the area want to know why. What makes Singer Island so outstanding compared to others? There are several answers to this question.

The Gem of Palm Beach, Florida

If you ask any Singer Island resident what makes their community stand out from the rest of Palm Beach County, you will receive an array of answers, and for good reason. Singer Island is not only a good place to live, but it is also an ideal location for both work and play. The white sandy beaches, parks, recreational activities and eclectic local life all help establish Singer Island as an oasis in which residents and guests can escape, recharge and revive themselves. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, play or immerse yourself in luxury, you will find what you’re looking for at Singer Island. Below are some of our top favorite features of Singer Island.


There are many reasons Singer Island is one of Florida’s more popular communities in which to live, including its lavish properties, more affordable living, and modern lifestyle. However, the convenience that comes with living in Singer Island is not to be discounted. Residents enjoy access to beautiful beaches, world-class dining, plenty of entertainment, and traditional amenities. However, despite all it does offer, the town retains its charm and beauty, never once verging on looking commercialized.


Though Singer Island looks lavish and out of reach, the truth is that it is one of Florida’s more affordable luxury communities. The individuals who reside here are from a higher class, but they are also very down to earth. This, along with the convenient amenities, is just one reason many choose to retire in Singer Island. They enjoy easy access to the items and services in a friendly and pleasant manner. If you’re in the market for an elite place to call home without an over-the-top price tag, Singer Island is for you.


Not only does Singer Island offer everything you could possibly need to live in comfort, but also, it’s only 10 minutes from downtown West Palm Beach and West Palm Beach International Airport. Residents who have a private plane need not worry about finding a local airstrip or having a yard big enough to accommodate their aircraft. North Palm Beach County Airport accepts private planes as well as major airlines and is just a short drive from Singer Island.

The heart of Singer Island is isolated and quiet, as residents prefer. However, local businesses and modern conveniences, such as shopping, entertainment, and dining, are just a short drive away. Singer Island residents truly have the best of both worlds.


Every aspect of Singer Island was seemingly designed by nature to please the eye. That said, many residents will tell you that by far the most stunning aspect of this little bit of paradise is the sunrises.

If you’re a morning person, you will be privy to your personal art show each morning as the sign changes the sky from deep purple to lavender to coral to bright orange. The Atlantic Ocean provides a stunning backdrop that also changes colors as the sun makes its ascent into the sky.


Another reason many individuals choose to call Singer Island home is its recreational activities. From golf to tennis and sports fishing to scuba diving, the landscape of the peninsula makes it ideal for a variety of land and water sports. The parks around the community offer picturesque trails along which individuals can bike, run or walk. The grassy areas and long stretches of white sandy beaches provide the ideal location for a brief yoga session. The reefs on the outskirts of the island are perfect for exploring marine life up close and personal. It is not uncommon for residents and guests to take up kayaking, canoeing or parasailing too.


From the refined culture to the laid back lifestyle, and from the abundance of recreational activities to the art and history, Singer Island has plenty of factors that make it an ideal place to raise children. However, perhaps one reason so many people choose to raise families there is because of the community’s superior education.

Singer Island is in close proximity to high-end private schools and prep academies. For instance, the Baldwin Prep School boasts an impressive I-20 status, while The Benjamin School maintains active involvement in students’ post-academic lives, ensuring success from adolescence into adulthood. For many parents, the increased cost of living in Singer Island is a worthwhile investment in their children’s futures.


Singer Island is well-known for its focus on living a mindful and well lifestyle. Many of the spas in the area such as Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences place an emphasis on physical and mental well-being. This mentality is present throughout the entire community, in everything from the way residents appreciate and preserve their natural surroundings to the way they seek out activities and relationships that will strengthen their mental and physical strength as well as their connection with the community.

Whether you simply plan to visit Palm Beach, Florida, or you want to make the area your home, don’t overlook Singer Island. This peninsula has much to offer guests and residents alike.


Source: Amrit Ocean