Dilip Barot’s Thoughts on the Business of Gratitude-

Dilip Barot, Founder Creative Choice Homes, shares business basics in

at Palm Beach County Convention Center

8-24-15 - Business of Gratitude

Over the last few weeks I have been talking about getting back to basics. There is clearly something in air this time of year.  Back to school sales, tax free weekends, special promotions… there is no shortage of hints and reminders that it is time to get ready for change.  And as an entrepreneur and business founder of Creative Choice Homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, it is clear to me that focusing on a few management disciplines is a necessary step to motivate, engage and champion change for positive results.  One of the most important communication disciplines to demonstrate as a leader is to show your gratitude.  Whether you are thanking employees for a job well done, customers for their devoted service or your family for supporting you at the home front, learning to express and feel gratitude is a life skill everyone needs to cultivate.  Imagine the luck when I discovered this month there is a special Gratitude Training workshop hosted at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

This unique Gratitude workshop is delivered in 3 parts.  It includes 9 days of transformational sessions divided into two parts followed by a 3 month Leadership Program.  Sessions 1 and 2 are scheduled during the next few weeks and you can register directly online at the Palm Beach County Convention Center website: http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/all_events

Beyond saying the word “thank you” what else should one expect to learn at a gratitude workshop?  Well first and foremost, this workshop is far more than a communications training class.  It is an opportunity to evaluate your life and truly assess are you getting what you want from your business and personal relationships.  The class and 3 month follow up is designed to help students find their inner purpose and learn to be grateful for everything in your life.

Some of the key benefits one might expect from participating in the Gratitude training include:

  • Identify your life’s purpose and manifest it through taking action today. Why are you here?
  • Become more effective in your life by mastering the power of choice.
  • See how committed action will create your desired results.
  • Be grateful for everything in your life. No matter what!
  • Experience living without fear and anxiety. Dare to Risk.
  • Create greater intimacy, connection and openness in every relationship.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world and experience social change as your own life transforms

The workshop offers interactive exercises to help practice and retain key learnings to take home and adopt into your business routine.  The course further blends both the physical nature and spiritual nature of gratitude that creates a unique and personal experience for those that attend.  The Gratitude Training will give you some of the tools to rethink and remake this process so it serves you and positively affects those around you.  To learn more you can visit:   http://www.gratitudetraining.com

This course is another great opportunity for leaders like you and me to leverage local experts and take advantage of the Palm Beach Gardens professional series.  I am thankful for that!