Dilip Barot Looks Forward to Vista Palms Health Fair

Vista Palms Apartment complex announced today that they will host a Community Health and Information Fair for residents from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 4th. The event, organized by the new local management team, is designed to help educate the Florida based tenants on a variety of wellness topics and create an opportunity for the residents to get to know their neighbors.

The Community Health and Information Fair has successfully attracted local health care providers, social services groups and even exercise and nutrition experts that will share topical information appropriate and pertinent to the residents.  Information booths will be open during the entire event and cover topics ranging from healthcare insurance and toddler development to Zumba and healthy eating.

Free health checks will also be made available to attendees.  This includes HIV testing, blood pressure & blood sugar checks, weight/body fat measurements and the Mammogram bus.   All tests will be conducted by trained medical professionals on-site during the event.

Additionally the management team has arranged for residents to complete job search registration on-site during the fair to further strengthen the local economy and successful job placement of Vista Palm residents.

“We are looking forward to an outstanding event on Saturday,” said Dilip Barot, Founder and President of Creative Choice Group, a Florida based development firm.   Dilip continues, “This fair is an excellent opportunity to help our residents gain access to important information that can help improve their overall wellness, safety and state of mind.  The management team at Vista Palms has worked tirelessly to pull together an expert group of medical and social services professionals.  I appreciate the personal commitment of our guest speakers and my dedicated staff.”

The following information stations will be available during the Community Health and Information Fair:

Educational Services

Medical Health Insurance
Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Abuse Counseling Information
Suicide Prevention
Teen Development Opportunities
Epilepsy Awareness
Volunteer Opportunities
Toddler Development Services
Driving Impaired Awareness
Traffic/Pedestrian Safety
Immigration Services
Home Security / Companion Assistance
Fire Safety Tips
Renters Insurance & Ways to Save
Neighborhood Watch Education
How to become a Foster/Adoptive Parent
Infant Health & Safety
Zumba Class
Exercise Tips
Healthy Eating Options
Job Search Registration
HIV Testing
Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Checks
Weight & Body Fat Measurements
Breast Health / Prostate Health Assessments

The event will be located at Vista Palms Apartments site which is located at 10276 Stafford Creek Blvd Lehigh Acres FL. 33936.

About Creative Choice Group

Creative Choice Group was founded and established in 1984 by Dilip Barot and is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Creative Choice Group specializes in private real estate investment, development and management.  The Creative Choice team is comprised of some of the brightest and socially motivated professionals in the real estate and development industry. The core team members possess extensive experience in residential, commercial and mixed use real estate development, planning, financing, construction, accounting, legal, management, relocations and other related fields. For more details, please visit us at http://www.creativechoice.net