Amrit: The Unbeaten Location with the Ocean Tranquility

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Florida has always been a popular destination to visit, but it is quickly rising in popularity for people looking to make the move permanent. According to the most recently released Census data, Florida tops the list at number one for states to which people are relocating. Considering the Gulfstream weather and extended coastline, it’s no surprise this has resulted in an investment surge with more and more people exploring the real estate market of Palm Beach luxury resort properties. Read More…

The Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions Provider: Etech

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Etech is an Omni-Channel customer engagement solutions provider for some of the world’s leading and most respected brands. The experience Etech has gained across a wide range of business verticals, allows it to continuously deliver exceptional, personal customer experiences. Etech’s innovative technology solutions and experienced leaders understand your business needs and recognize the strategic insights your brand needs to drive results.

Etech is a true Omni-Channel solutions provider. In addition to traditional contact centre solutions such as Inbound and Outbound Voice Services, Live Chat, and Social Media, Etech also offer industry-leading Quality Monitoring solutions. Etech’s diverse experience combined with proven methodologies, systems, and processes, provides you with the innovative technology solutions, industry-leading service, stellar CSAT scores, and high performing sales solutions enabling you to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships, and gain market share. Read More…

10 Inherent Qualities of a Great Leader

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

A company with great leadership thrives even in the toughest situations and without it the company suffers. True leadership is demonstrated when employees want to do the right thing in all situations without prodding. In the current economy, leading rather than ‘bossing’ will always yield superior results.

Great leaders display 10 inherent qualities that attract high caliber employees and inspire them to perform in a culture of inspired excellence. Read More…

Commercial Real Estate Financing: 5 Aspects Worth Knowing Before You Buy

– By Ashok Kumar, CFO, Creative Choice Group

In terms of real estate, there are two primary categories of property: Residential real estate and commercial real estate. Residential real estate refers to structures that are reserved for human habitation and not business use. Commercial real estate, as its name implies, refers to structures reserved for commerce. Read More…

10 Reasons To Make Singer Island Your New Home

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Situated about six miles south of West Palm Beach is Singer Island, which is not really an island but a peninsula. Singer Island is just as alluring as its name implies and offers residents and guests alike plenty to do, see and enjoy. In this treasure of a town, you will find small boutiques and luxury hotels, day spas and wellness retreats, culture, history, and museums. Keep reading to learn more about 10 of the most alluring, intriguing, and impressive features you’ll find on Singer Island. Read More…