Moving Beyond Intrinsic Motivation

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

For years, the leading theory in motivation has involved extoling the virtues of intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation. However, the latest research indicates that even intrinsic motivation is not enough to gain optimal performance in the workplace. The newest results of research points out the legitimacy of moving beyond intrinsic motivation and assigning value to the work they do.

As many people know, extrinsic motivation is based on tangible rewards that a person receives. This type of motivation occurs outside of the individual and can include fiduciary rewards such as money or emotional rewards, such as favoritism or an alteration of behavior based on what is received. Research has always pointed to the failings of extrinsic motivation as a temporary measure that cannot be Read More…

What Is Patanjali Yoga All About?

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Yoga Sutras by Indian sage, Patanjali, are a collection of 196 aphorisms contained in four chapters, which outline techniques for attaining congruity of mind, body, senses, thought and action. The Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga are derived from Sadhana Pada, one of the four chapters of the Patanjali Sutras. Get to know the eight limbs or Ashtanga in Sanskrit, and learn how they can provide a roadmap to your wellness: Read More…

Ten Principles to Drive Effective Collaborations – Part 2

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

As a continuation from the first article on principles to drive effective collaborations, here are five more tips to strengthen your foundation.

1) Manage difficult trade-offs: Not everything works out as intended, not only in life but also in business. You need to have a provision of making compromises where necessary. These trade-offs may not be easy but will make all the difference in the way your organization collaborates.
Knowing when to make the trade-offs requires the leader to be informed and empowered because these decisions will change the course of the business. The good news is that collaboration provides the tools for the key decision makers to obtain the right information at the right time. Read More…

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Financing and How To Select the Best Option for You

– By Ashok Kumar, CFO, Creative Choice Group

Commercial real estate loans vary significantly from residential real estate loans. For one, whereas residential real estate loans are made out to the individual, commercial mortgages go to business owners. If you hope to finance commercial real estate, you would need to form a business entity before a real estate finance company would even consider you.

Additionally, commercial mortgages require collateral. Though commercial properties have huge potential to yield sizeable returns, they also pose a significant risk to lenders. To minimize this risk, lenders put a lien on the property. Should you default on your payments, the bank can then seize the property and resell it. Read More…

Wellness Amenities – A Radical Shift In The Real Estate Arena

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Luxury real estate used to be measured by the square foot, but these days it’s what exists outside of your apartment that determines whether you live in a luxury community or not. The focus in real estate development has shifted towards the buzzword of the decade “wellness.” In the manner that wellness has become the measure of fitness, travel, and a general lifestyle, wellness is the measure of a real estate community. Developers are responding by creating wellness communities that foster physical, mental, and emotional wellness by offering a diverse multigenerational and income population access to readily accessible commercial and public spaces. Read More…