Amrit Ocean Luxury Resort & Residence is Here To Enchant Your Mind, Body And Soul

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Imagine living in an oceanfront Palm Beach Luxury Residence that offers the best of all worlds—two, graceful towers that rise from a quiet stretch of pristine Atlantic shoreline on picturesque Singer Island. When you purchase a unit at Amrit Ocean Luxury Resort and Residences, you don’t have to imagine such a lifestyle — you can live it. Explore all that Amrit has to offer and how everything from its location to its décor to its amenities inspires better living.

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3 Ways to Create Authentic and Relevant Connection with Your Team

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

In order to have an authentic connection with people at your workplace, you need to show a certain level of vulnerability. Your leadership journey should start with a Leadership Point of View. Wickline describes this in an August issue of Blanchard Ignite as a story about, “. . .the people and events that have shaped who you are. It also speaks to your values, your beliefs and what drives you as a leader.”

This is not always easy. Many people find opening up to be scary and emotional. Wickline suggests a couple of first steps to get you started on your journey. Read More…

Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences Give New Meaning to Luxury and Lifestyle

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Once upon a time, luxury was characterized by fine furs, sparkling jewels, exotic cars, and beachfront mansions. Today, luxury looks drastically different. Due to increased awareness of the consequences of one’s lifestyle choices, digital health trackers and progress in medicine, among other factors, today’s affluent consumers now view optimal health and wellness as the ultimate status symbol. Read More…

Getting Smart With: Project Implementation

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

When project managers plot out a course for a project, they all too often take missteps that ultimately result in a project’s failure. Managers may have to deal with an unrealistic outlook, limited resources, a budget that is less than ideal, and other factors that can sabotage a project’s success. With so many obstacles in front of a project, whether that project is call center campaign implementation or anything else, how can a manager set up his or her team for success? These five best practices may help: Read More…

Commercial Real Estate Leasing & Financing: 5 Aspects Worth Knowing Before You Buy

– By Ashok Kumar, CFO, Creative Choice Group

In terms of real estate, there are two primary categories of property: Residential real estate and commercial real estate. Residential real estate refers to structures that are reserved for human habitation and not business use. Commercial real estate, as its name implies, refers to structures reserved for commerce. Read More…