Wellness Amenities – A Radical Shift In The Real Estate Arena

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Luxury real estate used to be measured by the square foot, but these days it’s what exists outside of your apartment that determines whether you live in a luxury community or not. The focus in real estate development has shifted towards the buzzword of the decade “wellness.” In the manner that wellness has become the measure of fitness, travel, and a general lifestyle, wellness is the measure of a real estate community. Developers are responding by creating wellness communities that foster physical, mental, and emotional wellness by offering a diverse multigenerational and income population access to readily accessible commercial and public spaces. Read More…

Ten Principles to Drive Effective Collaboration – Part 1

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

As companies become bigger and customers demand more from them. rapid growth poses a new challenge for seamless service delivery. This is where collaboration comes into the picture. Collaboration can be defined as two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing and we often think of it as an activity stream where information passes from one department to another.

If you are only looking at this process from this angle however, you may expose your enterprise to the inherent risks of information overload and misinformation, which will eventually affect people outside the organization and negatively impact your chances of success. Read More…

3 Factors Influencing the Future of Real Estate Technology

– By Snehal Desai, Systems Administrator, Creative Choice Homes

From travel to entertainment to news, almost every industry has been disrupted by technology, save for one notable exception: The real estate sector. Technology has certainly changed the real estate industry, but for the better. Instead of causing industry professionals to fear for their jobs or eliminating the need for age-old processes, technology has streamlined existing processes and lead to improved efficiency. This is evident in the existence of sites such as Zillow/Trulia,, and, all of which help individuals search for residential and commercial real estate better and faster but that did not significantly alter how individuals buy or lease or from whom or how. Read More…

5 Key Wellness Takeaways at Amrit Resort and Residences

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences offers a new paradigm of privileged living that is dedicated to mindfulness and a lifetime pursuit of wellness. To help guests of our Palm Beach luxury wellness residences reach these goals, Amrit focuses on the Five Pillars of Wellness, a philosophy that helps bring focus to specific areas of one’s life and blend the elements together to ensure each individual’s journey is healthy and joyful. Read More…

4 Extreme Leadership Success Tips

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

A majority of people aspire to be leaders and every leader aspires to be successful, but it is not always a smooth ride to the top. At times you will experience success beyond your wildest dreams, and at other times you will encounter challenges that will make you want to quit. The highs and lows of business may call for extreme leadership.

Extreme leadership is synonymous to extreme sport. Extreme sports are activities perceived to have a high level of inherent danger. These activities involve speed, height, an elevated level of physical exertion and specialized gear. Steve Farber explains extreme leadership as the dynamic interplay of fear and love –two of the most powerful experiences in human nature. Embracing extreme leadership can be easy if you follow these tips. Read More…