Features That Make Singer Island So Unique

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

When it comes to communities worth exploring in Florida, there are plenty. From The Villages to Summerlake, and from Waterset to Bartram Park, Florida is one of those states that has more desirable neighborhoods than average or undesirable ones. So, when Florida residents suggest Singer Island as a must-see community, those who aren’t familiar with the area want to know why. What makes Singer Island so outstanding compared to others? There are several answers to this question.

The Gem of Palm Beach, Florida

If you ask any Singer Island resident what makes their community stand out from the rest of Palm Beach County, you will receive an array of answers, and for good reason. Singer Island is not only a good place to live, but it is also an ideal location for both work and play. The white sandy beaches, parks, recreational activities and eclectic local life all help establish Singer Island as an oasis in which residents and guests can escape, recharge and revive themselves. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, play or immerse yourself in luxury, you will find what you’re looking for at Singer Island. Below are some of our top favorite features of Singer Island. Read More…

Tips to Grow your Business through Direct Email

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Direct email has taken a back seat with the increasing popularity of social media channels, but it still works and should be a channel to consider in your marketing plan. Some of the reasons cited as hindrances to using it include spam filters. I personally appreciate spam filters because they move the unwanted emails before I even see them, saving me time and protecting me from potentially harmful viruses.

How can you leverage this strategy despite the above challenges and still grow your business? Here are tips for you to consider as you draft your email marketing strategy. Read More…

5 Most Important Technologies For Real Estate in 2020

– By Snehal Desai, Systems Administrator, Creative Choice Homes

Technology has changed the game when it comes to real estate. Homes are becoming more automated, and modern resources are taking luxury living to a whole new level. This is a trend that is here to stay and is becoming a huge draw for those looking to buy. Here are five of the most important real estate technologies leading the way in real estate in 2020.

1) Security Technology

According to the State of Safety report from SafeWise, property crime is one of the most prominent security concerns for Americans. Homeowners want to know that their home is secure at all times and are reassured when they can access information while gone. High-tech security offers the ability to lock your home from anywhere with the tap of a button as well as motion sensors to detect movement in and around your space. Windows, rooms, lights … all can be set and checked with the use of a smart phone. Also, security video allows a visual peek to put your mind at ease or to verify a visitor’s identity. At Amrit, we offer cutting edge real estate technology to give you peace of mind both when you are home and away. Read More…

7 Incredible Features Of The Newest Neighborhood On Singer Island, Florida

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Florida is one of those states that seems to have it all. Year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, culture, class, and a thriving nightlife all make the Sunshine State one of the most popular destinations for travelers across the globe. Because of all that Florida has to offer, however, it can feel overcrowded at times. If you’re looking for a Florida destination that’s away from the tourist hotspots and that feels more like a retreat to a secluded tropical island than it does a vacation destination, take a trip to Singer Island. Singer Island is a barrier island located off the Atlantic coast of Florida and boasts a mix of everything, including nature, shopping, surf, and sun. Below are seven of the best features of Singer Island. Read More…

Get Insights to Customer Service Through Quality Assurance

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

Offering exceptional and seamless customer service guarantees steady business growth, because customers will be satisfied with the services you offer and will become loyal. Loyalty translates into consistent revenues and quality assurance is at its core.

Quality assurance is the systematic process of monitoring how well products or services meet specific quality requirements. Most companies have a well- defined quality assurance program, because they know that to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, they need to continuously inspect the quality of services delivered. Read More…