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The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Financing and How To Select the Best Option for You

Commercial real estate loans vary significantly from residential real estate loans. For one, whereas residential real estate loans are made out to the individual, commercial mortgages go to business owners. If you hope to finance commercial real estate, you would need to form a business entity before a real estate finance company would even consider you. Additionally, commercial mortgages require collateral. Though commercial properties have huge potential to yield sizeable returns, they also pose a significant risk to lenders. To minimize this risk, lenders put a lien on the property. Shou...
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Wellness Amenities – A Radical Shift In The Real Estate Arena

Luxury real estate used to be measured by the square foot, but these days it’s what exists outside of your apartment that determines whether you live in a luxury community or not. The focus in real estate development has shifted towards the buzzword of the decade “wellness.” In the manner that wellness has become the measure of fitness, travel, and a general lifestyle, wellness is the measure of a real estate community. Developers are responding by creating wellness communities that foster physical, mental, and emotional wellness by offering a diverse multigenerational and income population ac...
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3 Factors Influencing the Future of Real Estate Technology

From travel to entertainment to news, almost every industry has been disrupted by technology, save for one notable exception: The real estate sector. Technology has certainly changed the real estate industry, but for the better. Instead of causing industry professionals to fear for their jobs or eliminating the need for age-old processes, technology has streamlined existing processes and lead to improved efficiency. This is evident in the existence of sites such as Zillow/Trulia,, and, all of which help individuals search for residential and commercial real estate better ...
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