5 Mistakes Effective Leaders Always Avoid

leadership mistakes to avoid
– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group No one likes to see conflict on a team, but no matter how well your team members get along or how long you have worked together, conflict is inevitable. A good manager is prepared for these situations and has a toolbox of techniques at the ready to use when necessary. Here are five mistakes to avoid if you are in a team leadership position. (more…)
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Five Steps That Can Help Leaders to Build Trust

– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group Developing leadership qualities is essential for anyone running an organization, regardless of the business or activity. If the people with whom you work don’t trust you, it’s going to be nearly impossible to motivate them to achieve goals and accomplish the objectives you’ve set. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employees to distrust their managers and supervisors. On the good side, if you’re one who leads others, there are some steps you can follow to gain the trust of those individuals and teams you direct. (more…)
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Dilip Barot’s Top 10 Characteristics of Successful Leaders

Back to Basics – Business Blog series by Dilip Barot of Creative Choice Group/Creative Choice Homes – By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group As an entrepreneur and founder of Creative Choice Group/Creative Choice Homes, it is my firm belief that successful businesses are the direct result of strong leadership.  And like any good student when you look for leadership examples to follow or emulate, there is certainly no shortage of influential leaders throughout history that have made an impact on the industry, the economy and even the world.  (more…)
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Top 5 Leadership Reads from Dilip Barot

Business Blog from Dilip Barot of Creative Choice Homes / Creative Choice Group…A Back to Basics Series! – By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group Summer vacations are coming to a close.  Parents around the US from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to Maine, to California, are counting down the days until school begins.  And just like anxious students, business leaders about this time are starting to think about closing the fiscal year and planning for a successful 2016.  As a result, I thought it would be good time to stop, reflect and actually take some time to get back to basics.  The ne...
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