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5 Meditation Tips By Amrit To Help Take Your Mental Health To A New High

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group   Meditation is to the mind what physical fitness is to the body. Meditation during these stressful Covid-19 times is as important as ever and more and more people are searching for ways to improve this facet of their life. It involves practices such as mindfulness to train the mind to attain more focus, awareness, and a sense of calm. It can be extremely beneficial to overall mental health, with both short term and long-term effects. However, while contemplation and reflection produce great results, you can take your mental health to...
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Amrit Ocean Luxury Resort & Residence is Here To Enchant Your Mind, Body And Soul

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group Imagine living in an oceanfront Palm Beach Luxury Residence that offers the best of all worlds—two, graceful towers that rise from a quiet stretch of pristine Atlantic shoreline on picturesque Singer Island. When you purchase a unit at Amrit Ocean Luxury Resort and Residences, you don’t have to imagine such a lifestyle — you can live it. Explore all that Amrit has to offer and how everything from its location to its décor to its amenities inspires better living. (more…)
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What Is Patanjali Yoga All About?

Patanjali Yoga
– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group Yoga Sutras by Indian sage, Patanjali, are a collection of 196 aphorisms contained in four chapters, which outline techniques for attaining congruity of mind, body, senses, thought and action. The Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga are derived from Sadhana Pada, one of the four chapters of the Patanjali Sutras. Get to know the eight limbs or Ashtanga in Sanskrit, and learn how they can provide a roadmap to your wellness: (more…)
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– By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group Thoughtful living is living without distractions so you can focus on what really matters most to you. Many people associate thoughtful living with convenient living, sustainable living and conscious living, and while they wouldn’t be wrong to do so, here at Amrit Palm Beach Luxury Wellness Resort, we believe that thoughtful living is inextricably linked to living in wellness. (more…)
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