Eat your Veggies Day

Summer is here. If you are like me, getting active and focusing on fitness is now top of mind more than ever.  With the sun shining and warm weather upon us, it seems that people everywhere are taking advantage of the sunshine and springing into action.  This is especially true in Florida where our Creative Choice Group offices are located. And while exercise is a critical component to a healthy lifestyle, so is nutrition.  There is an old adage that we are what we eat.  Doctors recommend that we all eat from the food pyramid. You probably remember this from when you were in elementary scho...
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Pins and Needles

Last week, I mentioned Sciatica and how yoga stretches were one way that I have personally received relief from the pain.  It is a great way to loosen up muscles and use breathing treatments to offset the side effects of the condition.  However some people I speak to are often worried about stretching incorrectly or they are not mobile enough to jump into an exercise routine.  There are other options that may be less aggressive.  One treatment concept to consider is acupuncture. (more…)
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Getting on my Nerves

As professionals, we work with all kinds of people. Some are more challenging than others to work with. The customers and co-workers you click with at the office make the day far more enjoyable and even fun. That is how I feel about my Florida team at Creative Choice Group as I have the most interaction with them being in Palm Beach Gardens. However, there are those occasional employees, clients or even vendors that just get on your nerves. You are probably thinking of one of them as I speak. But what if I told you there was another player that is far worse than your most difficult client or ...
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