Breakfast of Champions

When you think about the breakfast of champions, a box of Wheaties boasting the latest sports super star probably comes to mind first.  Or maybe your thoughts race to a high protein diet designed to help build muscle and pump you up for the day.  It doesn’t really matter what your stomach dreams of.  Experts agree, regardless of your diet choice, starting your day off right is the most important thing to sustain your mind, body and soul. (more…)
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The Wellness Blend

For thousands of years, human beings have focused on wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  In fact, according to, the science of holistic healing dates back at least 5,000 years and was originated in India and China.  The holistic “healers” of the day promoted the idea of healthy living which by their definition meant to be live in harmony with nature. Socrates, the great philosopher, suggested we should take the body as a whole and not part by part.  The goal was and still is, to create a sense of balance for the whole self. (more…)
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Practicing Yoga is good for Senior Citizens

According to a report by the Administration on Aging, the United States is experiencing a dramatic increase in the numbers of people who live to an old age.  This phenomenon is not limited to the US but countries around the globe are seeing Senior Citizens live longer, happier lives. (more…)
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