Amrit: Leading the Trend With a Combination of Health, Wellness and Luxury

— By Dilip Barot, Founder, Creative Choice Group

In years past, health and wellness did not always meld with the concept of luxury. Luxury meant indulgence and decadence in every aspect of life. Unhealthy fats and high-calorie intake were simply a side effect of being able to afford the richest desserts and the thickest slabs of prime meat with nutrition being of little consequence. Money was spent on the newest, hottest gadgets no matter the eco-effect, and pampering meant having someone else do the work while putting minimal effort in by the individual being pampered. Luxury translated into having the biggest and best and the ability to promptly indulge desires.

Health and wellness, on the other hand, was often viewed as a short-term goal, not a long-lasting lifestyle change. Unfortunately, fad diets, quick weight loss schemes, and short-term bouts of calorie restrictions, often fell into this category. It was considered a means to an end, often one that included more of a physical change than anything else. Those who strove to integrate health and wellness into their everyday life were far from the norm, with mainstream society viewing that lifestyle as counterculture and restrictive.

Luckily, in today’s world, the concepts of health, wellness, and luxury have all morphed in ways that allow them to come together. The culture has shifted from luxury meaning blind — often toxic — indulgence and instead has veered toward the ability to indulge in a life of health and wellness that is also aware of the world around oneself. A healthier lifestyle is now a goal worthy of aspiration by many. In fact, it is what the 21st-century living is all about.

Today’s bloggers and influencers have created empires through social media platforms showing viewers how to integrate health and wellness into their lives. Instructors, coaches, and guides focus on assisting clients with making life-long changes that holistically benefit the body. Health and wellness products are introduced to mass audiences via modern technology with explanations of how to use them in daily living. Luxury is now the concept of being able to take time for yourself to better your mind, body, spirit and emotional well-being and to be able to participate in activities that can boost the quality of life while simultaneously making a positive impact in the surrounding environment.

At Amrit, we are leading the trend when it comes to combining health, wellness, and luxury. We have created a space where individuals can feel pampered while also feeling inspired and encouraged to take their wellness efforts to the next level.

Residential Spaces

The residential quarters at Amrit are smart spaces that work to better an individual’s well-being while creating a luxurious feel. In addition to high tech security measures for peace of mind, individuals can also use voice controls for music to create a Zen audio environment. They can also customize the presence of ambient light based on circadian rhythms to support incredibly deep and quality sleep. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for plenty of natural light to flow into the contemporary, high-end residences, and the oceanfront location adds a tranquil view as well as the health benefits that come along with being seaside.

Food and Nutrition

Amrit’s on-site restaurants offer farm-to-table sustenance, meaning it will be fresh, healthy, minimally processed, and eco-friendly. Not to worry, though; residents will feel like they are indulging as renowned chefs prepare the palate-pleasing meals with the highest quality of ingredients and skill. Individuals can also consult with members of the nutrition team to work towards healthy goals while still tantalizing their taste buds with luxury meal options. Specialized apps are created for Amrit properties to assist in making positive choices while giving suggestions along the way for options that satisfy both cravings and dietary needs.

Holistic Amenities

The holistic amenities at Amrit are the pinnacle of where luxury meets health and wellness. For instance, the hydrotherapy treatments such as replenishing pools, sauna, and steam rooms, and the inhalation chamber will soothe the body inside and out. They can relax an individual into a puddle of contentment while also assisting in boosted circulation, detoxification, releasing stress and stimulation of the senses. The various massage treatments available will loosen tight muscles and increase relaxation while making guests feel pampered beyond belief. The yoga terrace, cutting edge fitness center, meditation studio, aromatherapy treatments, and relaxation lounge are just a few more ways our guests get to indulge in luxurious living while bettering their whole selves at the same time.

At Amrit, our guests can focus on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, and relaxation, all while in the heart of a lush and lavish environment. Visit our website to learn more about how Amrit has combined health, wellness, and luxury for the best of 21st-century living.

Source: Amrit Ocean Resort & Residence