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If You Like It There, Buy Here: Second Homes without the Long-Haul Flight

Luxury real estate property is alluring you for your next weekend getaway. The new Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is designed to give residents the ultimate luxury in wellness. With Five Pillars of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, sleep and relaxation, the property is designed to create a perfect balance and a healthy lifestyle. The extravagant location and design draws upon the essence of India with its pristine shoreline, serene beaches and a kaleidoscopic blend of cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood and spirituality. These luxurious residences are an architectural masterpiece with homes saturated with natural light and spectacular living spaces offering an astounding view.

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Palm Beach’s Amrit Resort to include 100,000 sq ft spa

Opulence real estate developer and founder of Creative Choice Group, Dilip Barot, has revealed ongoing construction of an “Urban Destination Spa Resort” on Singer Island in Palm Beach, Florida. The property is spread across 100,000 sq.ft. Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences with a seven acres spread along the Atlantic shoreline focus on wellness and lifestyle, taking inspiration out of Patanjali yoga; based out in India. The resort residential towers are equipped with posture supportive heat reflexology floors, mood-enhancing aromatherapy and dawn simulation giving an element of habitat forming. Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences offer a lifestyle choice of escapism from the current everyday stresses, focusing on mindfulness and prevention without the use of medical intervention.

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Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences Will Introduce a New Way of Mindful Living in Palm Beach

Over seven acres in a pristine stretch of the Atlantic shoreline, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is scheduling another luxurious picturesque property in Singer Island that will be completed by Srping-Summer of 2019. The resort and the residence offer mindful living bringing your mind, body and soul getting married to the modern technology with Eastern philosophies. The unique property comprises of two towers each offering indoor and outdoor living with modern cabinetry, state-of-the-art appliances, designer fixtures and large sliding glass doors that open to covered terraces with spectacular water views.  Read More..

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Singer Island’s Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences Brings Mindful Living To Palm Beach County

With a goal of bringing luxury lifestyle enhanced with mindful living, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is combining Eastern tradition with science and western luxury. The luxurious designs are inspired by fire, water and earth. With inclusive experience, established connections, unrivaled support and best-in-class technology, Amrit Ocean Resot & Residences is the smart choice for luxury living. Chic and distinguished, every detail has been custom designed and tastefully developed.   The sprawling home boasts a resort residential tower, offering posture-supportive heat reflexology floors, personalized digital entertainment packages, mood-enhancing aromatherapy, vitamin C-infused showers, exterior sound intrusion blocks and dawn simulation to increase the amount of light in the bedroom at a customizable wake-up time.  Read more…

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Miami Area’s New Luxury Developments Open Amid Hope for A Turnaround

Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences announced new development in the Miami area. The luxury apartments are being built by Creative Choice Group/S&E Architects, a US based architectural firm, and are slated for completion in the spring/summer of 2019.  With 351 resort-residential mix units with apartment size between 1,460 to 2,525 square feet would include penthouse upto 3,350 square feet. Each apartment home will feature luxurious fixtures with summer kitchens and hot tubs. These apartments would also have access to amenities such as a oceanfront restaurant, whirlpool spa, private beach club, E-lounges, executive dining rooms and concierge services along with recreational pools.  Read more…